Amber Sislin | The Yoga Teacher Who Really Only Uses All Natural Products

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"My name is Amber (@amber_ssss), I am 19 years old and I guess if I had to describe myself in a short phrase it would be a free spirit. I am a lover of the ocean. I am at the beach every single day, some call me a mermaid lol! I am extremely active, I love yoga, surfing, beach volleyball, cycling, kickboxing, beach runs, walking my dog, hiking, Pilates, barre, dancing, etc. I am a yoga teacher and I teach hot yoga as well as different styles, and I also teach chair yoga to old folks. I love giving back and helping others and sharing the beautiful gift of yoga. My goal is to show the world yoga is not about what it looks like on the outside, but how it feels on the inside and loving yourself for who you are because you are perfect just the way God made you!

I'm going to be completely honest, the less beauty products used, and less ingredients used, the better in my opinion. I believe in all natural and no chemicals to harm your skin, you can call me a hippie lol! My normal beauty routine starts off with a tea tree face wash from Trader Joe’s and a Vitamin E moisturizer from Trader Joe’s that includes some soybean and coconut oil in it as well. I never wear makeup but if I do for a shoot I wear a tinted sunscreen, some natural chap stick which is normally Burt’s Bees and a little bit of mascara! My night skin care routine is an all-natural face wash from Sprout’s, which is just oatmeal and a few other all natural ingredients. For toner I use witch hazel and for moisturizer I use Josie Maran argan oil. If I moisturize my body I use coconut oil!

My body scrub is Otavea of course! It makes my skin so smooth and soft! My hair routine is Kirkland shampoo and conditioner from Costco. It’s vegan and sulfate free and makes my hair long and strong. I use Moroccan oil as my leave in. I only wash my hair a few times a week so it doesn't get damaged. I let the salt water clean my hair when I surf and just rinse it with water after ;) I use coconut oil hair treatments or macadamia nut hair masks once a week! My sunscreen is Raw Elements all natural, it has ingredients like hemp, mango butter and other natural oils but still protects your skin with zinc!"

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