Susie Gallagher | The Vegan Actress and Cat Mom That Always Moisturizes

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"Hi! I’m Susie Gallagher (@susie._g) and I am an actor in LA. I grew up in Maryland but got sick of winter so am now living it up in Southern California. I love having the opportunity to be outside all year round so I have taken to hiking and hanging out at the many beaches I now have access to. Besides being outside, my favorite thing is seeing theater. LA has so much going on all the time there is always something new to see. There’s incredible improv all over the city and I love a good improv show at UCB or Groundlings. I’m also a total foodie. I recently went vegan so I am always looking for the best vegan food in the city. My other love is my cat Millie, she is the sweetest animal on this planet and she needs lots of cuddles and attention so I have to make sure I make time for her in my day.

My routine has changed drastically since moving to LA. I grew up in the middle of the woods in temperate weather and my skin had a strong reaction to the dry weather and the pollution when I relocated. SO now I have to make sure I take extra good care of my skin. My daily routine consists of firstly, wake up and wash with Cetaphil daily face wash for normal skin. It is super gentle on my sensitive skin and it’s a great way to wake up! Next, I use SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serum 20 AOX+. It helps prevent wrinkles which is so important for living in a dry climate. I do just a drop or two on my forehead and around the eyes and I LOVE it. I really feel it helping. It is expensive but one bottle lasts more than 6 months so it is well worth it. Then I move to Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin. In my opinion this is an awesome facial moisturizer. Always, always moisturize!! This one is really light and doesn’t leave any residue on your skin. It also works to calm my skin when it is irritated. I think this moisturizer is wonderful and it is incredibly affordable.

As far as sun protection goes, I use Neutrogena Age Shield Sunscreen SPF 70. I have a very light skin tone so putting on sunscreen is probably the most important part of my routine. I feel naked without this sunscreen. It is a little thick so some people might not like that but it makes me feel more protected against the sun. I put it on every day, rain, shine, whatever! I end my day with Glytone Mild Gel Cleanser. It is a gentle exfoliant that effectively removes all the dirt and grime from the day. It is perfect right before bed. It tingles a little bit but never burns like some of the more intense peels.

If I find myself breaking out, I put tea tree oil on the trouble spots during the day. I like the JASON brand. It is not too expensive and it really helps reduce breakouts. I also use Corsx acne patches at night. These guys have been all over the internet and I have to say they are amazing. When using the Crosx patches combined with tea tree oil I usually see major improvements in 1-2 days. When I want to treat my skin I use Origins face masks. The Out of Trouble mask is a good mask if I feel a breakout coming on or if my skin needs a little help after a day of a lot of makeup. My other favorite mask is the Origins Ginseng mask. This one is great if my skin is in need of a pick me up. It is really invigorating and my skin feels firmer after I take it off. Plus, it smells like oranges and makes your face look like copper so it is fun to have on. Some people have said that it is too tingly for them, but I have never experienced that.

Some other products I have been trying recently are the La Niege products. I recently bought the sample sizes of some of their masks, cleansers, and moisturizers and I have loved them. They are light and refreshing! These products leave my skin feeling beautiful and glowy and I will most likely be investing in the full sizes soon. I especially love the Water Bank Moisture Cream, it goes on so smooth and doesn’t make my face oily at all.

As far as makeup goes I like to keep it really simple on a day to basis. I never wear foundation when I do my own make up. Only on set when I have a professional to do it. So my every day is just a little concealer and some mascara. But if I am feeling ambitious that day I make sure to use BECCA first light priming filter.

Last but not least I like to use a few drops of Tarte Maracuja Oil on my body after a shower. I feel like it helps lock the moisture into my skin to keep it from drying out. This one feels a stickier than some other oils but to me that means that the oil is pure and not watered down so I am a fan!"

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Wow a fun article and great tips! I’ll be sure to take a look at those products! Thanks!

Mark January 09, 2019

Great tips from a beautiful young woman. I’m going to try SkinCeuticals serum and the Neutrogena sunscreen. Big thanks to Susie Gallagher and BBTR!

Stacey January 09, 2019

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