Carrie Olver | T.V. Personality, Host, Award Nominee

Gemini Award nominee Carrie Olver (@carrieolver) started her television career in 1992 hosting on Canada's only television shopping channel, TSC. Her career has led through many exciting paths, which included hosting an internationally syndicated television series, “Spectacular Spas” which took her to 75 luxury spas around the world. Exotic locations like Iceland, the Alps and Central America learning about wellness and beauty was the perfect prerequisite for hosting her latest adventure “Hello Gorgeous”, where she finds herself coming full circle returning to Rogers Media and TSC.


Beauty By The Real:        Who's the most famous person you met through TSC?

Carrie Olver:         "The first time I met Joan was in the late 90’s. Joan Rivers really was so wonderful in more ways than I think people really knew.  Of course she was hilarious, but she was so thoughtful and generous as well.  She was so concerned with how you were and through the years I watched her financially help those who needed it.  She helped out quietly with such class."

BBTR:        What’s it like Hosting HG and what are the perks?

CO:         "I love hosting the show because you get to see what the latest innovations are in the beauty industry and a real perk is of course getting to try it all. I am such a little girl at heart, I love playing with makeup!"

BBTR:        What is your most embarrassing moment on T.V.?

CO:         "Couple things come to mind… I was hosting a fitness show in the mid 90’s and I wasn’t paying attention and I dislocated my shoulder “LIVE” on the show,  the producer went to a product shot while I covering my mouth trying not to make a sound during a live broadcast in so much pain. I didn’t want to let the viewers know. Thank goodness I had a guest who took over while I was whisked away to the hospital. Back to work 2 days later no worse for the wear! On a lighter note I was hosting Hello Gorgeous and I accidentally squeezed a tube of cream all over my guest’s dress. Luckily she was a great sport and we booth laughed it off. The bathroom incidents I will just keep to myself…LOL"

BBTR:        Where would you like to travel too?

CO:         "I just recently did my ancestry DNA and found out that I am almost 40% Scandinavian which was a HUGE shock so now I would really like to go to Norway and Sweden. …Must be why I loved Iceland so much."

BBTR:        Are you still an avid Blue Jays fan?

CO:         "Of course, I am a Torontonian!"

BBTR:        What beauty tips have you learned from your mom?

CO:         "My mother was born and raised in California and taught me not to worry about getting my hair wet and go out and enjoy the beach. While so many girls were worried about their hairstyle, my mother embraced the “Natural Glow” of being a California girl."

BBTR:        Do you have any specific fashion staples?

CO:         "A big pair of black sunglasses to hide tired eyes. Plus a cashmere sweater."

BBTR:        Best beauty tip/advice?

CO:         "No matter how tired you are, wash your face before bed and make sure to do a night time skincare ritual. Trust me, it will pay off and your skin will thank you!"

BBTR:        What is your current skincare routine?

CO:         "Rotating and changing up my skincare products every few months has really made a huge impact on the quality of my skin. It’s like Cross Fit for your skin. It happened simply by accident, testing so many new product lines on HG. I would recommend a few lines into your routine."

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