Celma M | The Mental Health Advocate Who Swears By Hemp Oil

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“Hey there gorgeous. My name is Celma (@iamcelma). I run a mental health page and everything surrounding daily life with mental illness.  I share how to combat anxiety, depression, and borderline personality disorder among many other mental illnesses. On my page I share my personal tips and tricks that I have complied over the years. I have many years of experience, over a decade when it comes to metal illness. This experience can help others and am also looking to receive help and support from others as well. My Instagram page is a community where it is very safe to share and be heard. We all support each other. My passion for mental health extends to more than just the internet and into my personal life. On the outside (of the internet) I work with children who are Neurodiverse and children who suffer from mental illness. I can positively say that I am living my passion and I wish that for everyone. It took many failed attempts before I found something that I truly love.  

Something that is also dear to my heart, is skincare. I feel like everyone loves this topic. Who doesn’t want beautiful and healthy skin? When I was younger I was obsessed with having 'good' skin (whatever that is). I really wanted to have skin so nice, that I didn’t 'need' to wear makeup. I finally know that makeup is not to hide blemishes or whatever else we are insecure about. Makeup is a medium for self-expression. Let your personality shine, babe! My skin is finally at a place where I am happy with it now. I don’t wear makeup to cover anything on my face, and I don’t have any blemishes or hyper-pigmentation anymore. I got this skincare routine thing down! I am a pro at this now, after years of many mistakes. The best thing to do for yourself is not to touch your skin. Leave it alone. Apart from that, I only use natural ingredients on my body. I love homemade remedies. I don’t use many things on my face, I like to keep it to a minimum. My skin routine changes depending on how my skin is feeling or on the day. 

The first step to any beauty routine is washing your face. I like to use hemp soap for my face regardless of the day. The number of times I wash my face a day varies depending on if I wear makeup or not. On a days that I am not wearing makeup, I prefer to wash my face once. I like to keep my routine simple. Hemp soap has so many great benefits. Specifically, I really love is that is extremely moisturizing. The soap itself is infused with hemp oil and does not strip your face from its natural oils, leaving you with soft and glowing skin. Hemp soap also has fatty acids that provide anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe and calm irritated skin. The acids can also help with breakouts by reducing redness and swelling. I follow that with rose water as a toner and moisturize with my fave using Nivea daily essentials cream. That is it. Very quick, simple, easy and effective.

Another thing I swear by is sweet almond oilI use it to remove my make up before I wash my face. On days I wear makeup, I like to wash my face before and after I apply makeup, to make sure I have clean skin. I follow the same steps I mentioned above, but I add a few extra steps to make sure my skin is clean after all the makeup. I also apply my rose water toner before and after my makeup. The rose water doubles as a setting spray. Honestly, rose water is magic. It is heaven sent from the skin gods to bless you. Rose water helps balance the skin’s pH levels and controls excess oil. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which act as an anti-aging. It helps keep fine lines and wrinkles far away. There are many more reasons to use rose water. After I tone my face, I use my favorite moisturizer, the Nivea daily essential cream for sexy skin. That stuff is literally skin crack. It makes my skin feel so amazing. That is all I do for my skin. I also use a dry brush to exfoliate and extra clean my face. This leaves my skin extra smooth. I use hemp soap as a body wash and shampoo, that stuff is amazing.

Twice a week, I use a DIY mask. Mix yogurt, turmeric and gram flour. This is another magical combination. It will leave your face so radiant. If you do anything or your face, just do this. I like to steam my face before applying the face mask just to help my face absorb all the goodness from this mask. Turmeric can be found anywhere from online to the grocery store. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. You can kind of see a trend here, most of the products I use are anti-inflammatory properties, which really helps control acne, dryness, heal the skin among many other benefits. 

My skin care routine is part of my daily self-care. It just make me so happy and relaxed when I am in the process. Self-care is very important for mental health. Anything that you do that is good for yourself and brings you closer to comfort and relaxations, I advocate for. Self-care doesn’t only make you feel good, it also increases productivity, better self-awareness, and enhances self-esteem and confidence. Please be kind to your skin, yourself and others.”

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