Claire Hosterman | The Singing Coach Who Discovered The Secret To Amazing Skin

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“Hi! I’m Claire Hosterman (@claire_hosterman). I’m a Hollywood singing coach ( who works with actors on shows such as Modern Family, The Romanoffs, Nickelodeon, and Disney, as well as in touring Broadway productions. I also work with complete beginners to advanced singers in my Los Angeles studio, as well as on Skype all over the world. My second job and passion is being a health and life coach, supporting people to align with their souls and live their happiest, healthiest life. My love for singing began early, and by the time I was 18 years old, I was training to be an opera singer, as well as preparing for a career on Broadway. My sister - Emmy-Award-Winning actress and singer Dove Cameron (@dovecameron) - and I grew up with two artist parents, and so we have a natural love for theatre, self-expression and anything in the arts. I soon found that I love teaching others and helping them find their voice in more ways than one.

Having been in the performing arts for years (and having struggled with cystic acne for years), I know how important it is to let my sensitive skin have the best products with the most natural, healthy ingredients. The first thing I do every morning is use Sprout’s Essentials hydrating facial towelettes (this is from a local organic food store based in Los Angeles, however I also love Burt’s Bees facial wipes for sensitive skin), and then I tone with Humphrey’s Organic Witch Hazel. After, I apply Alba Botanica’s SPF 45 sunscreen, and wait for it to settle for 5 minutes. I then apply Tarte’s Amazonian Clay full coverage foundation. Because I have a slightly yellow tint to my face—compared to the rest of my body— I like to even out the skin tone and make it slightly whiter, so the clay is a great and natural way to do it! One tube often lasts me several months, as the cream is thick and spreads generously with just one dab.

I am a HUGE fan of the Tarte cosmetic line, as the line is completely vegan and cruelty free, and I’m all about putting natural things in and on my body. Practically every day—after applying my SPF and foundation, I love to use Tarte’s “Tarteist” glossy lip paint (shade: “Hella”), and if I want a bit of color to my cheeks, I add some Tarte “Blushing Bride” cheek stain. I also love a bit of Tarte’s liquid highlighter on days where I want to add a bit of “shine”. Sometimes I put on Tarte’s Gifted mascara, however, on most days I like to be mascara-free and instead put on Evanhealy’s Wild Carrot Nourishing Eye Balm.

 At night, I remove my makeup with the face wipes and toner, and then I use my NūFace microcurrent device, which helps give me a “natural” facelift and stimulate collagen and elastin production. Before treatment, I apply my conductive gel - NūFace Collagen Booster Copper Complex to my clean face, and then use the device for 5-10 mins as I brush my teeth and chase my cat around the house with a string. Afterwards, I apply a generous amount of rosehip oil all over my face, neck and chest, and around my eyes. I would say my number one beauty secret product is pure, 100% rosehip oil!! It’s rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, and both my mom and I have noticed a dramatic reduction in fine lines and wrinkles after even a week of use.

Skin practices I enjoy are exfoliating my face, neck and chest every 2 days with Alba Botanica’s Acnedote face and body scrub, as well as using a clay mask once a week (I normally use Indian Clay from Whole Foods, however I also use Uncle Harry’s Detox Bath!). Lastly, because I had such horrible scars from my years of cystic acne—the culprit, I found, to be dairy and gluten—I purchased an amazing microneedling device called a Microneedle Dermapen by Koi Beauty (to stimulate new collagen to grow and fill in my scars). I had been having expensive microneedling sessions in expensive doctors’ offices, and decided to buy my own for $100, and it gives just as powerful results at a fraction of the cost. People can barely see my once-very-deep scars, and I seem to look younger, as new collagen has been stimulated. However, if you buy this dermapen, go slowly and be VERY judicious with how far you go—it’s the “real deal”, and I’ve gone too deep several times and looked like a third-degree burn victim.

Even though I’m only 29, people are often surprised at my age, as I can often appear to be in my early twenties. I attribute this to eating a clean, organic, mostly vegan and nutrient-dense diet, getting 8-9 hours of sleep every night, drinking tons of water, doing HIIT exercises, not smoking or drinking, microneedling and using natural products on my skin (such as rose hip seed oil in its purest form!)."

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