Clio Heath | The Southern Belle Performer Who's Eyes Are Sisters, Not Twins

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"Hi! I’m Clio Cadence (@cliocadence), the Southern Belle of Rock! I’m a performer at heart, dabbling into music, dance, modeling and acting. I’m pretty shy at home, and I’m usually in sweatpants and a messy bun. But if you ever catch me onstage or on set, I’m an alter ego. I’m performer Clio. That’s when I love to dress up and do my makeup. I feel myself whenever I’m all prettied up. Makeup helps me express on the outside, who I am and what I’m feeling on the inside. I love to turn myself into a beauty queen, but I still embrace my natural beauty marks. Most of my makeup, hair and beauty inspiration comes from 1940s and 1950s pin-up girls. When I put on my eyelashes and red lipstick on, I’m ready to go!

I get most of my makeup from the drug store, mixed in with some staples from Sephora or Ulta (my friends go-to gift card presents). Because I pile on so much makeup (or “art”, lol) on my face, I start my day off with washing my face. I use the Cetaphil Pro oil removing face wash, the magic eraser when it meets pimples. My face gets both oily AND dry, so after I dry off my face, I use the Cetaphil face moisturizer.

To start off my makeup, I use Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive cream as a base. This makes sure my foundation will go on smoothly. I also put eye shadow primer on at this time. I love the Urban Decay All-Nighter foundation and concealer, I’ve been using these for years to cover up blemishes and dark circles. I’m a sucker for not cleaning my brushes off (I know!!! It’s a horrible habit!), but I use all “it” brushes from a Christmas brush set my mom gave me a few years back. They’re still sparkly and wonderful!

I contour with my Lorac Pro powder palette, highlight with “Ice Cold” Skin Frost by Jeffree Star and apply blush with “impassioned” by Nars. Usually I use the contour pallet for my eyeshadow too. (Whoops!) My winged eyeliner took me a looonnggg time to master, and I still think my eyes are usually sisters, not twins. I use whatever black eyeliner felt pen I have, as long as it has a really pointy point. Then I curl my eyelashes, and apply mascara (my favorite is the Voluminous Million Dollar Lashes!!) I fill in my brows with my “it” brush and some product from the Archery D-I-Y Brow Bar kit. Glue on some eyelashes, whip on some classic red lips, powder my nose. There you have it!

Big shout out to Abbie Rose and Otavea! If you haven’t yet, please go check out their body scrubs. This company is amazing and is run by such sweet people. Kisses! -Clio Cadence

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Photos by Chris Arme

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