Emma Bogan | The College Student Who's Tried Every Lash Product

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"Hi my name is Emma Bogan (@emmabogan)! I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and have lived in Fort Myers, Florida and Tucson, Arizona. I am currently living in Tucson, Arizona and I go to the University of Arizona (Bear Down!!). I am a physiology major studying to go to medical school and become a dermatologist. I absolutely love skin care and hair care which was a huge influence on how I decided to begin my life path. Other things I’m involved in is my sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma, and I volunteer with A Moment of Magic and Project Sunshine. I love to be involved and meet lots of new people!! My hobbies also include traveling and music festivals.

For my morning routine, I wash my face with the Clinique liquid facial soap mild. I have tried a lot of facial soaps but I love a lot of Clinique products so I am trying this out currently. I then spray my face with Mario Badescu skincare facial spray with aloe herbs and rosewater (I love the rose water spray I honestly use this throughout the day it’s so refreshing!) After I put on sunscreen. This is something so many people overlook but it’s so so important and helps your skin so much long term!! I use the Protecting Hydrator broad spectrum SPF 30 because it feels more like a lotion rather than sunscreen or I try to pick out foundations that have sunscreen in them. For my makeup routine I start with the Too Faced Hangover face primer and use a beauty blender to apply. I then use the Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort matte foundation and use a beauty blender to apply all over my face. A little goes a long way for me, and I use the shade natural beige. I love Too Faced foundations, every other foundation I have tried makes my face too cakey. I then use the Tarte Shape Tape contour for under my eyes and use the beauty blender again. I do my eyebrows with the Anastasia Dipbrow and brush. I use the shade Ebony.

Afterwards I move to my eyes. On a day to day basis I curl my eyelashes with the Tweezerman eyelash curler and use the Mac Extended Play Gigablack lash. I have tried so many different routes to make my eyelashes long. I have tried eyelash extensions, perming, fake lash strips, and eyelash growth. I loved how eyelash extensions looked and I did for about two years but they are very harsh on eyelashes, the glue can be irritating, and it’s very costly and time consuming for a college student. I have been using the eyelash growth Latisse. It is prescription but it works amazing!! My eyelashes have grown so long and many of my friends are now switching to eyelash growth. Latisse lasts about 4 months for a bottle, there are also cheaper growths that aren’t prescription my friends have found online but I have heard some can be irritating to the eyes. My favorite mascaras are the Better Than Sex, and any of the Mac mascaras. I usually rely on my Modern Renaissance palette for eyeshadow.

For occasions, I use eyelash strips. I usually just buy any cheap strips from Walgreens and my favorite are the KISS poise strips. I then put on the Mac refined golden bronzer, and contour and highlight with the Tarte Pro Glo. My brushes I use come from all over a lot of them I picked up at Sephora. I finish up with a setting spray!

When showering I use the Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Long and Strong shampoo and conditioner. I have also tried the Healthy Sexy Hair shampoo and conditioner and loved those as well. My hair is super thin and I need a lot of products or else my hair dries out and breaks off. After I shower I use it’s a 10 hair conditioner and spray my hair then using a wet brush to brush through. I also use the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat leave in conditioner to the top of my hair and Davines Oi oil for the ends of my hair (I use a lot of product to keep my hair intact but it’s been getting so many compliments since starting this whole hair process and my hair has grown so much faster!!) I also take a Biotin pill after I shower to keep my hair and nails growing faster and stronger. For occasions going out I use the Oribe products because it was relatively expensive but so worth it! I am trying out like 5 of their products but I have been really loving their Dry Texturizing spray for the roots of my hair and the Superfine hair spray.

For my evening routine I first take off my makeup with Neutrogena Makeup Remover cleansing towelettes. Afterwards I wash my face with the Clinique liquid facial soap mild. I then spray my face with Mario Badescu Skincare facial spray. I then use the Clinique Clarifying lotion twice a day exfoliator using cotton pads. This is such a lifesaver it gets out so much dirt and grime from your face and everyone I have recommended this to loves it! Next I use the Mac Strobe Cream as a lotion throughout the night. I mainly put this on my cheeks. I then use Aczone gel 7.5%. This is prescribed, but out of any acne treatments my friends and I have tested, Aczone is by far the most consistent for mild acne. A little goes a long way, a drop the size of a pea can cover your entire forehead. Every one or two weeks I do a face mask. I am super into the Glam Glow face masks but they are relatively expensive so I usually use the Boscia Luminizing face mask. Every couple weeks I also use a Biore strip across my nose with is amazing for removing any black heads I really recommend it!

This routine is something that I’ve developed over years and I have tried out so many products until I found ones that really worked well for me! I live with about 100 girls in my sorority house and have other friends as well that I see how the products they tested work as well! I hope that this helps!!"

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