Gabriella Trapasso | The Italian Makeup Artist and Entrepreneur Who Believes Skincare Is The Key To Youth

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“Ciao, my name is Gabriella Trapasso (, I’m 50 years old and an Italian makeup artist. I started in 1994 with Mr. Diego Dalla Palma, which I consider my master. I have worked as a fashion illustrator and fashion designer and I’ve also been working as an image consultant and beauty consultant. I've been living in Bologna for about 30 years and I love this city for its beauty, history, and its lovely food. But I’m also madly in love with New York and Los Angeles, and my dream is to move to one of those cities someday.

A year ago, after having worked for about 30 years in such a creative environment, I started feeling the need to treasure what I’ve learned and started thinking what I could have done to feel more independent with my job and more satisfied. Since I’ve always loved anything related to fashion, beauty and skincare products, I have decided make something my own according to what I love the most, to the experience I gained and make my own brand, called “Everywhere” (@everywheretravelkit) Everywhere is a selection of travel size products. All the beauty products are organic, cruelty free and come from Italian organic agriculture. Everywhere is also a Beauty-Bag and fashion accessory. All products are made Italy.

For my evening skincare routine, which I believe is the most important one, as it prepares overnight my skin to when I wake up. When I have to remove makeup, my cleansing routine starts with Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar. I absolutely love this soap because it’s rich of glycerin, so it's very gentle on the skin and removes clogging residue, and leaves my skin clean, soft and hydrated. I sometimes use Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel instead from La Roche-Posay. It’s really good to remove impurities, reducing excess oil, but doesn’t dry the skin. In both cases, I use a natural sponge to remove soap from eyes and face.

Next step is to cleanse the face again to remove what’s left. I use Instant Refreshing Toner from Sephora. I lightly spread the toner over my face with a cotton pad and neck. It’s a toning ginseng extract, and completes my cleansing routine, refreshing and toning the skin. I alternate Sephora toner with Daily Hydration Micellar Water from Shea Moisture. This toner leaves my skin really soft, with an incredible glowing effect.  Once I completed my face cleansing session, I also do a lip scrub every night. Alternating between 2 products every other day - Rose Lip Exfoliator from E.L.F. Cosmetics, and the Conditioning Lip Scrub from Burt’s Bees. I gently remove dry skin, and then I use Burro Cacao lip balm from Segreti di Natura (which is the cosmetic factory that produces the products you will find in my Everywhere Travel Kit).

During the final part of my cleansing session, I apply alternately two products, according to how my skin feels at the moment. I truly can't do without Daily Hydration Overnight Face Oil from Shea Moisture, 100% virgin coconut oil. I've been using it for over 2 years, and it has all benefits you can find in a thousand creams altogether. This oil gave my skin incredible benefits. I also use it during the day, even before putting makeup on (especially on winter) and the skin never gets oily. You'll just need to use a tiny bit. The other product I use is Vitamin C Facial Serum from Provence Beauty. This serum makes my skin nourished and glowing, thanks to Vitamin C.

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is use the Sephora Toner or Micellar Water on my face. I gently spread the product on my skin with a cotton pad, and even if the evening routine has cleared up all dirt, I still do it in the morning, in order to purify my skin from the impurities it releases overnight. Under my eyes, I use Eye Refresh from E.L.F. Cosmetics. This is a roll-on product, and it gives immediate freshness to my eyes and helps to clear up a swollen effect after sleep. Afterwards, I use the coconut face oil from Shea Moisture or the Vitamin C Facial Serum.

Two or three times a week before going to bed, I also do a total face scrub. At the moment, I'm using an avocado based scrub from Simple Sugars. Every now and then when I feel my face and skin really tired, I do the Radiance Boost Brightening mask from Neutrogena. Or, if I want to also hydrate and nourish my face, I use Hydrogel Mask from Gold Collagen.

Before putting my makeup on, especially if I know I'll be walking around my city, when the sun starts getting hot I use my Everywhere Sunscreen SPF 50. I will avoid to use too many products on my skin, so I'll just apply a small quantity of SPF 50, and then I'll put my makeup on. When I have irritated/red skin because of winter, which Bologna gets really cold on winter, I apply my Everywhere Aloe Face Cream to soothe redness, nourish and balance Hydrolipidic level on my skin.

When I put makeup on, it only requires a few steps. I've been playing with all sorts of palette colors for years when I was younger, and now I have my signature makeup which is perfect for my style and outfits. I use a light and fluid foundation first, easy to apply which doesn't make a thick layer. Then, I apply a little powder with a big brush to fix it - I don't like too much powder on my face and I hate that "chalk effect". Then I apply a light touch of rose or peach blush on the cheeks, according to the season. I draw my eyebrows that, over the years, lost their natural line. I avoid to draw them too thick though. I put mascara on my lashes, which is a very important step. I take my time to do it and I accurately brush them with mascara, separating and lengthening each lash.

I draw my lip line with a pencil which I blend with a lip brush. Then, I put the lipstick on using a brush, because it has a more defined mark, so that the lipstick doesn't come off from the edges. When I put makeup on, it can either be daylight makeup or evening makeup. Daylight is usually light, with just mascara on my lashes and on my lips I use a bright red. For evening makeup, smoky eyes and nude lips. I never get out without my red nail polish though, both day and night.

I try to have this kind of balanced routine on my makeup habits because I believe that at 50, any kind of excess might turn out to be silly if not ridiculous, and exceeding will never make us look any younger. For this reason, I'll always stick to the importance of having a good daily skincare routine!”

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