How Athletic Wear Has Become Mainstream

Back again for my favorite topic as I sit here in the office with a sport-luxe vibe and by that, yes, I am wearing my leggings! Running multiple businesses can be a hard slog, also prepping for my wedding in 8 weeks’ time is crazy. So more often than not these days I am finding myself ducking from work to workout and vice versa. In the cooler months, some sporty apparel and my favorite pair of jeans are a go-to on my days off!

I think by 2019, this crazy and wonderful world has evolved into a busy network of linkages. We are going from one thing to the next. I’ll be at yoga and thinking about invoicing for the end of the month in the next 30 minutes. My experience is just one example of the many things that we all juggle, and so I think the longer we wear certain items in a day, and the more time we invest in picking our athleisure, the more time we as designers are creating pieces that are acceptable to be worn all day long and look good but also support our busy lifestyles.

Our Celine tights are a fabulous representation of wearable athleisure day in and out, from office to Pilates. Our tights are more than gym-wear/ gear. They are a base that helps us get creative with the rest of the outfit while feeling supported and comfortable. The high waist is flattering which accentuates the waist and the inclusive of our apparel and various active looks, are being purchased for more than just workouts!

I think designers’ conscious decisions of fabric properties such as breathability, water wicking and so forth, mean we have beautiful wearability, performance and the powerful design supports our powerful, long, accomplishing days.

-written in collaboration with Stephanie Harmat, Founder of Gerry Can Active

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