Kara Lynn | The University Student Who Loves Olaplex Treatments

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“Hello beauty world, I am Kara Lynn but those close to me call me Kara. I am a University student with a background in psychology and business, while also blogging about all things beauty, travel and lifestyle. In my free time, I have dedicated time to those who need extra assistance in daily activities and do so by providing CBT, as well as writing self-help articles to help through difficult times. I started blogging back when we all used Piczo (if any of you can remember those days). It was a place to let my creative juices flow, however I took a break and found myself resurfacing in the blogging world roughly three years ago. I am thrilled to be part of Beauty By The Real. The tight night community that I’ve felt since being contacted is exhilarating.

As you can see, I enjoy staying active. Being that I enjoy spending as much time outside as possible, I need to use products that are the least harsh on my skin, while rejuvenating and replenishing specifically for those longer days. Which lead me to become an Arbonne rep for their natural products and to help with my somewhat problematic skin. I however found that while the products met my expectation, the job itself did not, leaving me to design and create products of my own that would help with my skin. This has taught me so much with respect to what I look for in my skincare routine. I find that less product, and less harsh chemicals, provide my skin with a healthier look and feel. I truly feel chemicals will harm your skin - therefore I go natural, or at least try my best. 

My everyday routine begins with a homemade face soap made with tea tree oil or coconut oil and a bit of vitamin E and castle soap. Then I incorporate a homemade toner that consists of Witch Hazel, vitamin E and aloe vera. Being that it’s still winter, my skin tends to become a bit more dry, making me rely on my Caudalie serum as a base before my foundation. I seldom wearing a full face of makeup, but if I do, I rely on the Avene sunscreen as my base after the Caudalie serum has set, followed with my Urban Decay weightless Naked Skin, with a light dusting of bronzer which I alternate from the Sephora brand and the Hoola Matte bronzer by Benefit. If I don’t have night plans I will keep my look simple with my Urban Decay mascara and chapstick either by Blistex or one that I have made, rich with vitamin E and a hint of raspberry. If its date night or a night out with the girls, I’ll put on a smoky eye with a winged liner, again using Urban Decay eye shadow palette with the Tarte clay paint liner and brush. 

My nightly routine consists of the same natural face wash as in the morning, while incorporating an oatmeal mask for those unruly days when you need to unwind and give your skin that extra bit of TLC. Nights are for relaxing, so I do so by having a Himalayan salt bath soak, an enjoyable book (currently Without Conscience for those of you who are intrigued as to how a criminal mind is wired to a certain extent). I typically enjoy a good body scrub at the start of my week to remove any unwanted dead skin for a complete fresh start. I’ve been using and loving Frank Body for the past few years and have yet to deviate away from how smooth my skin feels along with the mint coffee fragrance. If I find my legs or hands are turning into crocodile skin, I’ll spoil my skin a little more with coconut oil or the body oil from Mullein and Sparrow.

As for my hair, I have had every single color you could think of, and to make matters worse I was one of the (not so) smart ones who decided that sewn in extensions were a great idea at a young age. That said I’ve been attempting to restore my hairs vitality for about a year and use predominately It’s A Ten hair products at home, such as the leave in conditioner with Keratin. I also try to go for monthly Olaplex treatments at the salon. I absolutely love the texture of my hair after an Olaplex treatment, and I’ve also seen a significant change in the strength. This may be a quirk and not helpful in the least but I enjoy giving myself a scalp massage. Not only does it relax me but I have heard that it stimulates hair growth.

All this said, it’s important to know what you are putting into your body just as much as you are putting on it. I drink primarily water (usually happy water due to its lithium content which can increase your mood) and when I need a break, I’ll go toward cranberry juice or any other form of juice with natural sugars while incorporating vitamins that help strengthen both my immune system and collagen production.”

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