Minnie Little | The Cosmetologist and Mom Who's Been Taking Appointments Since She Was A Teen

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"Hola! I’m Minnie (@minnieplittle) from Austin, TX!  I am a full time mom and cosmetologist originally from Pflugerville, TX, now living in Austin where I was born. I currently work at Mint Salon in Central Austin and I specialize in Natural hair care and design, men’s grooming, balayage, custom dry cutting, and wedding beauty services. From the age of 2, I have been obsessed with hair, skin care, and makeup equally. My clients often ask me, “So which do you prefer more? Hair or makeup?” I love them all!! I remember being in my preadolescence, fending for an opportunity to wear makeup. But according to my mother, girls under 16 did not have any business wearing makeup like a fully grown woman….and now at 33, I now fully agree.  

I have always had a passion for learning why people grow the hair that they grow, and what the habits we have can do to the integrity of the hair long-term and/or short-term. As a teenager I found myself making time and space available in my parents’ home for taking hair appointments on a weekly basis. Although my parents’ preferred for me to attend university, I found that hair/makeup was my calling, and that through networking and learning the art of client experience was what I ultimately wanted to do with at least the next phase of my adult life!

Since the start of my career, I have had so many hair styles! I went from attending grade school with a relaxer and the standard 90’s style girl crush hair do’s to braids and plaits, then to parted sections held tight as hell by bobbies with hearts and sparkles. In high school, I rocked the relaxed bob, the mullet freeze, and the pixie whilst I was playing Varsity Basketball. I worn the weaves, the wigs, the micro braids, and so many more. Now, in 2018, I rock a bald head….by choice. All the while, my skin care regimen has remained quite the same as my hair phases- ever changing.

I have dealt with acne prone skin for all of my life. I am very porous and very oily. I have learned and been told that it is a part of my heritage, but whatever it is, I take the good with the bad. I prefer my oily skin, but I hate the acne. For years I tried to mute and dilute my oily canvas but that is never easy or cost effective. It also seems to be the sad equivalent of “Chasing the Dragon”. By 28, I had learned to accept my oiliness and use it to my advantage. From using drying product lines like Proactive and Murad, to overpriced and non-effective La Mer, I found no resolution to the textured skin and ever-present acne I was starting to see grow as I grew older into my 20's.  

Finally, I gave up on product lines and their promises, and switched permanently to Arcona and Cetaphil. I learned that my diet and my lifestyle highly contributed to the outcome of my skin and my oil production. Cutting back on stress, alcohol, processed foods and dairy have saved my life. Cranberry Gommage and Cranberry toner from Arcona are my lifesavers! Although not super pricey or super inexpensive, I get immediate complimentary results from these products. I exfoliate twice a week with the Gommage and follow with the toner. I still use Cetaphil to cleanse, its gentle, and suds free. Again, I love my oils and I hope that black really doesn’t crack!!! Once I have cleansed and detoxed my face I use an oil to rehydrate my skin. I am the beauty expert that likes to remain a minimalist, I don’t like to be bound to using a regimen daily or consistently on a time basis that reflects the health of my skin. This simple system has made me a low maintenance beauty with little commitment to over-priced lines or monthly subscriptions.  

Due to the nature of my lifestyle at 33, I choose to use products that are mostly natural and free of harsh chemicals and companies that have integrity and concern for the environment. I WILL not put my finances in a company that tests on animals, nor will I invest my time or money into a company that is solely based off of minimizing ingredients and glorifying their shelf presence… Give me bad-ass content or give me acne! In all, I hope that this helps those with similar conflicts as mine and that you find comfort in knowing that all is not lost. Diet, exercise, and the RIGHT products for you are what will the way you feel about your skin and hopefully more! Invest in yourself, always! Less is more, integrity in companies is way more. Happy Skin Journey to all!"

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