Muna Edman | The Minnesota Youtuber Who Double Cleanses

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"Hi I’m Muna Mohamed (@muna_edman), I’m a student in Minnesota and I absolutely love the art of makeup as do many girls these days. Growing up my mom was never one of those moms who lets her daughters play with makeup but once I became a sophomore in high school I started playing around with my older sister’s makeup. I only started to get really good at it just recently and really enjoy creating fun and artistic looks. Which lead me to starting up my YouTube channel including makeup tutorials, vlogs and a bunch of other stuff. It allows me to get out of my head and share whatever I want with my viewers.

Of course with makeup it won’t look as good if I don’t take care of my base, being my skin. Skin care is very important to me because although I do like to wear makeup I don’t wear it every day by any means. Growing up I had acne and having acne in high school is honestly the worst. So in order to take care of my skin I make sure to cleanse every night with either the Neutrogena grapefruit cleanser, or organic African Black Soap. I also double cleanse if I wore makeup that day. I will exfoliate using a spin brush and a light exfoliating scrub maybe 2-3 time a week depending on how I’m feeling. Next I moisturize like crazy! Especially before bed I like to use the Cetaphil Moisturizing cream just because I like it and it doesn’t break me out. I also spray my face with the Mario Badescu rose water, but who am I kidding I basically drench my face in that stuff. I will also treat my skin to a sheet mask sometimes which I do twice a week.

All in all, there’s nothing I love more than creating and filming even though I don’t always have the time for it, I do always have a lot of fun doing it. Skincare is very important especially since I didn’t have the best skin growing up. Which is why I always preach, don’t ever fall asleep with makeup on!"

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