Sarah Delpizzo | The Actress And Director Who Believes Everyone Should Get Facials

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"Hi, my name is Sarah Delpizzo (@sarahdelpizzo) and I’m an actress, writer, and director. Ever since the first time I attended a theater show as a child, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the arts. As I got older, I saw the power of storytelling and the impact it can have on society. I discovered that the best way to create peace and bring people of different cultures, religions, politics, and backgrounds together is through art. From then on, I decided to pursue my artistic goals, passions, and talents to further peace throughout the world. My lifelong mission is to be able to be a part of films/TV/theater shows that share stories, ideas, and give a voice to those that are voiceless. 

Currently, I’m pitching and submitting my original series, ‘The Pet Peeve Police’ to festivals and networks. Additionally, I’m in pre-production for my screenplay, ‘Meta Love’ and in post-production for a TV show pilot, I directed ‘This Animated Life’. I am also actively auditioning and recently performed as a dancer in an peace festival at the Honda Center called 50,000 Lions of Justice.

When it comes to beauty, I have always been a believer that less is more-unless I am on the red carpet, in that case, more is more ;). I also recently tried out the fake eyelashes in a more natural look and loved them! Makes me feel super confident to just walk out the door after I wash my face. I’m a big cheerleader when it comes to telling people to drink more water and get enough sleep. There is only so much a hydration mask can do. You want to look refreshed? Drink water and get at least 7 hours of sleep.

I also think people should get facials every 2-3 months if they can afford it (I am lucky if I schedule mine 2 times a year!) It is important though to treat and take care of our skin just as much as we would with any other part of our body. When it comes to my skincare regimen and makeup I try to use organic and cruelty-free products. 

In the morning when I shower, I wash my face with Dove soap (I know, so basic). Then I put on tinted moisturizer, my favorite is the organic BB cream by Physicians Formula. I have some natural redness/pinkness in my skin and find that this product is gentle on my sensitive skin while evening out my skin tone. Pure Brightening Serum Foundation Broad Spectrum by bareSkin is my current go-to foundation when a tinted moisturizer isn't enough and I have adulting duties. This foundation does a great job of doing what it is advertised to do- brighten skin. My skin always looks fresh and bright after application.The Naked 2 palette is my go to for smoky eye looks. I’m a big fan of Tarte because they don't use harsh chemicals and are cruelty free- they also have great makeup! I have their Tease and Tartelette palettes. When going for a more 'natural/nude' look, I usually go for the Tartelette.

Then I slap on some mascara. I like Lancôme or Dior. I always opt for a curved full bristle brush to give my lashes more shape and fullness. Sometimes I will put on black eyeliner along my top lid if I want a more vintage look. In those cases, I will apply Sephora’s wet eyeliner pen in black. If I am feeling fancy and not doing the vintage look I will put on some bronzer (I don’t have a favorite). I usually bounce around. Any recommendations I am all ears!

I brush my eyebrows real quick and will add a little color to them with a Lancôme brown colored pencil. When I do apply chapstick- either EOS or good ole Vaseline. Before I walk in somewhere, I try to put on some lip gloss. Usually a coral, or berry since my makeup is simple. If I use a bronzer I will apply a more nude lipstick. If I do vintage I will opt for a red. (It should be noted that I am the worst at re-applying lipstick) I love the Not Your Mothers hair products. The dry shampoo is the best I have used and their sea salt spray is on point for those nice beach waves. I also really love the Renpure hair conditioner for color treated hair

At the end of the day, I wash my face with Oil of Olay daily cleansing facial towelettes, and take off any eye make up with eye makeup remover. I also use Simple Micellar Water, which is really great and free of any chemicals or parabens, and great if you are wearing false lashes. Either way, I am always pretty religious about using my C-Firma Day Serum and Protini Polypeptide Cream by Drunk Elephant. My eye cream of choice is Clarins. Although, I am wanting to try more of Drunk Elephant since I really love their products.

Lastly, I put a little Vaseline on my lips right before I go to bed. I know Vaseline isn't trendy or cute, but it gets the job done. I also use it on my hands and feet if they are dry before I go to bed. I try to use a clay mask (Origins) and a vitamin c exfoliator mask (Glen Ivy Spa) 1x a week each. But if I get busy it usually falls out of the rotation. My favorite moisture mask is Origins 10 minute Drink up Mask. I use this when my skin is super dry and it is like magic. Dewey skin in minutes! Another mask that I am slightly obsessed with is Gel Express Aux Fleurs by Sisley Paris. It makes my skin look extra bright, fresh and tight. The fountain of youth in a mask- hallelujah!"

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