Sarah Hirji | The Blogger Who's Sticking To Her New Year's Skincare Resolutions

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“Hey friends! It’s ya girl Sarah here (@sarahhirji). Let me take a minute to introduce myself. I’m a 22-year-old beauty blogger from Toronto, Ontario and I have always had a passion for all things chic and girly. One of my favorite things to do is to keep up with current beauty trends, see what the hottest products are, and hear what other people think of them! You too right? Why else would you be here!? If you want to see more of what I have to say about things like current trends, beauty reviews etc. then you should definitely check out my blog But for now, you can keep reading this post ;)

Today I want to talk about some of my favorite products and daily routines that I have started in the New Year. To start off the New Year, I decided I wanted to change my face makeup routine a little. Since my skin is not the best, I have traditionally opted for heavier coverage foundations (My go-to for a long time was the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, but the Covergirl Superstay Full Coverage Foundation is the drugstore dupe that I switched to). But I thought the New Year was a chance to try something different, so I thought hey, why not try a tinted moisturizer? I heard super amazing things about the NARS one, and I bought mine in the shade ‘Alaska’. This provides just enough coverage for the office without looking super heavy. The only downside is that since I have very oily skin, it kind of starts to fade throughout the day especially around the nose.

In the theme of staying fresh faced and glowy, I want to stick to two key skin routines this year – using Retinol daily, and dermarolling at least once a month. Both have similar effects in that they both aim to speed up the skin resurfacing process. Retinol helps with cell turnover to keep that young fresh looking skin on the surface, and dermarolling is a process where you poke tiny holes in your face with a rolling device which helps to formulate newer skin much faster that it normally would without it. I am prescribed Retin-A by my dermatologist and I bought my roller for 12$ off Amazon! Since I have problems with hyper-pigmentation (scaring after acne) these two routines should help immensely with this particular skin concern.

The final routine I will talk about in this post is probably the most painful but also my most favorite. I’m talking about laser hair removal you guys. But not just any laser hair removal, I’m talking about AT HOME removal. I bought this device from the brand Tria from Sephora a while back (although I don’t think they sell it anymore, but you can still purchase it from the Tria website, or a different retailer). They have two device options, one is around $449 and one is smaller that costs about $299. The only difference is that the more expensive one can go up to higher levels (making it more effective), but it’s so painful I can barely get past the 3rd level anyway! I’ve been using this for a while now, and let me tell you something, IT WORKS! I can’t exactly show you before and after pictures because it’s in an area I would rather not show the internet, but feel free to use your imagination LOL. Since it proved to work in that area, I am going to start tackling the rest of me!

And that’s about it for this post! These are some new products and routines that I want to keep up with in the New Year. If you want to here more from me, don’t forget to check out my blog!”

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