Shatara Jennette | The Professional Makeup Artist Who Genuinely Loves Body Scrubs

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"Hello, my name is Shatara Jennette (@justfaceitMUA). I am a North Carolina native, having grown up on the east coast in Jacksonville but now reside in Durham, NC with my husband. I moved from home to attend UNC-Chapel Hill and have been in the area since, now an employee of the university. Along with being a full-time employee of the university I am also I am a professional makeup artist based here in Durham, NC. Being the owner and operator of Just Face It Makeup Artistry by Shatara, LLC and have been in the industry doing makeup for almost 5 ½ years now. I LOVE all things beauty! Hair, makeup, fashion! However, makeup is the medium I use to truly showcase that love.  

I like to think of myself as a unique makeup artist. I am a firm believer that beauty is not just summed up by adding products to your face and body in hopes of camouflaging yourself. I instead believe that makeup is a tool that we can use to accentuate our God given beauty and character even more. I believe that beauty starts on the inside, our skin is the canvas and the products we use on it are the paint and garnishing to truly make the beauty show more outwardly. For that reason, having an understanding that makeup and beauty goes beyond just the application of products is something that I truly try to convey through my services and associated teaching. I believe that our skin is the most important factor when it comes to makeup. Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies and it should be taken care of and treated with concern and attention regarding what we put in it and on it.  

While I desire to receive my certification in Esthetics soon, currently I make sure to cautiously walk the line of advising and suggesting others of what to use in their personal regimen. I try to stay more focused on the latter and share information on products that were shared with me and worked for me. I’ve gone through many different suggestions of products, techniques, regimens, etc. and finally, at 31 I have found one that is currently working well for MY skin. This regimen that I use on my face was shared with me by a college classmate that is now currently pursuing her certification to be an esthetician as well. It’s super easy, not overly time consuming, and I love the fact that I can use products that are not super expensive. I currently include it as a suggestion in my makeup classes that I offer.  

I hear my clients say all the time, regarding makeup application, “I don’t have time to do all that.” Meaning they don’t think they have time to apply their own makeup in a normally timely fashion to assure they aren’t late for work, school, etc. Those feelings and sentiments are what I use to structure some of my basic classes on. The fact that time is precious and while people are not opposed to doing things regarding their beauty, they just need something that can fit into their schedules. I not only understand this sentiment, but I too share it. Especially because again one of my “unique” things about being an MUA is most days I do NOT wear makeup. I love to let my skin breathe and being able to do that allows me to show the importance of proper skin care for your face and body overall. So, this regimen helps me nurture my skin while still fitting perfectly into my business schedule daily.

For the rest of my body I am also very cautious as to what I use when it comes to skincare. Growing up I had extremely sensitive skin and dealt with eczema from infancy to my latter teenage years.  My parents, especially my mother was very apprehensive to trying a bunch of products on me or diverting in any way from an established regimen. With age, I have had those same apprehensions, but with changes in my skin I again have been able to find products that work well with and for me. Generally, I use Dove products to cleanse my skin. While the bar soap is my favorite, I also use the body washes as well while still being cautious to avoid those with excessive fragrances. At times I may also use Caress body washes as a cleanser as well. I will talk about exfoliation momentarily and how I incorporate it into my routine. As far as moisturizing, which is so important I use products that contain natural ingredients or shea butters, natural oils, etc. that do not leave my skin feeling clogged or heavy.

As far as exfoliation, I am careful when doing this as well as not to overdo it and irritate my skin. I have looked for years for something that I could use that felt great, smelled great, and I could visibly see it working. This is how and why I LOVE Otavea! (My husband loves it too.) The scrubs are awesome. The directions are simple, it easily fits into my showering routine, and when you are finished you smell amazing and your skin feels AMAZING! I’m not one to just say things and my husband is not either. So, when we say that we really enjoy something, we mean it! My personal favorites from Otavea are the Strawberry and Lemon scrubs. I mix them together to get “strawberry lemonade”! I step out of the shower with my skin feeling moisturized, soft, and glowing. When I use this scrub, I don’t worry about moisture at all.

Beauty is such an important statement in my life! It’s not only my business though, it’s a belief. It’s a mantra, a part of my purpose and call in life. I share beauty and how overall, it’s so much more than just additions to yourself. It’s understanding, loving, and taking care of yourself. I’ll say it again and forever. Discover your inner beauty. Love that discovery. Work to help that discovery and love show outwardly through all that you do!

As my business name and motto states, just face it… YOU are beautiful!"

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