Temima Shames | The Actress and Model Who Hasn't Bought Makeup Wipes In 7 Years

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“Hey! My name is Temima Shames (@temimashames). I am currently a Junior in college studying Music Industry. I am also an actress and model currently signed to Dream Maker Talent Management. I started acting, by doing theatre at a young age and then quickly realized my love for being in front of a camera. At age 14, I switched my focus over to TV and Film and began taking classes and auditioning. I have done a few music videos, few commercials and a bunch of short films. In addition to acting, I have been focusing on being an Instagram influencer and modeling. I have worked with companies such as OPI, Breezy Swim, Wildin’ Clothing Co, SWEAT app and more. Also, I recently started working with a luxury hair company called Monat representing their brand and making some extra money from the comfort of my home as a social media influencer. In my free time I love to travel, go hiking, vlog, workout a lot, and relax.

My skincare and makeup routine are very important to me. As they say: “Look Good, Feel Good” and this couldn’t be more true. I start my routine by using Clean and Clear Deep Action Exfoliating scrub every morning and night to clean my pores and make sure my skin stays acne free. Then right after scrubbing I also apply a moisturizer to my face. The one I use is Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion, however it is important to use one that is suited toward your face type whether it be dry, oily or a combination. Next, I use L’OREALS magic perfecting base face primer. Then following that I use a Make Up Forever foundation, which I love. They have so many different colors to offer to match your specific skin tone. Then, I use either Rimmel Medium Coverage concealer or Make Up Forever full coverage HD concealer depending on what kind of coverage I am looking for on that day. I use a lot of the Make Up Forever Ultra HD products because I find that it comes out very good in photos. After that, I use the Tarte Park Ave Princess bronzer to contour my face and add some color. Then I always add a bit of blush and the Elf shimmer highlighting powder as well for the finishing touch of my face makeup. This highlighting powder is perfect because it is cheap and isn’t too much, but it adds some shimmer and brightness to your face. I put it on the sides of my nose, cheek bone, forehead and tip of my noise usually.

Now onto my eyes, I usually move into eye primer, which I use Urban Decay EDEN color. I like this color because it mellows out some eyeshadow palettes. I usually go for a neutral eyeshadow look, however lately I have been feeling a pop of color more. My favorite palettes are the Tarte in bloom, the Morphe Fall into Frost, and any Anastasia one! I also have a few cheaper options which are just as beautiful which are The NUDES by MAYBELLINE which can be found at CVS, Target or other local stores, and the Elf Naked Prisim Palette. Those ones are cheap, add a little sparkle, and perfect for a night out. Next, I move to my eyebrows and use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow pencil in soft brown. I don’t like to color my eyes in too dark, but this pencil fills them in perfectly. Once that is done, I go back to finishing my eyes. To finish them off I use Elf Cream black eyeliner on the bottom. It comes with a thin brush and I like it because it goes on easy and lasts the entire day.

For top eyeliner, I just became obsessed with the Lancome Grandiose Liner because its bendable to help you get the perfect angle. Finally, the I put on mascara. Before putting mascara on, I always curl my lashes. (Just a little trick: if you put the eyelash curler in your bra while doing your face makeup, it warms it up and helps to curl your lashes better.) Lastly, I put on mascara and I have my top three recommendations which are Lancome Monsieur, Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara, or Maybelline Lash Sensational. All of these are great options and not too expensive either. The finishing touch to my face is always setting spray! This ensures the makeup stays on all day and I usually use Sephora’s beauty amplifier which can be found at the checkout for $5.

I don’t always add a lip look, but it is always nice to finish off with a light pink lip gloss or matte lipstick. My current favorite is Sugar Bloom Fresh. Also!! I have a magic makeup remover towel and I swear by it. I haven’t bought makeup wipes in over 7 years. Its amazing, when it gets dirty you just throw it in the wash.”

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