Kamen Wilks | The Artist Who Is A Mix Of Versace, Chanel, and Imagination

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"Hey, my name is Kamen (@iikamen). I’m an American singer/songwriter, designer, actor, and model currently based in the Washington D.C. area. I’ve always been musically inclined. From a young age I was blessed to be able to have the encouragement and support of my family to pursue my dreams and express myself. Growing into my artistry I naturally wanted to find my own look and sound. I’d say that’s where my fashion senses started kicking in. It’s hard to put my style into a box when fashion is so a creative outlet form me. I’m a little Versace mixed with a little Chanel and a whole lot of my imagination. Having worked on multiple televised shows as well as photo shoots I’ve definitely learned a few things about male grooming and great skincare tips. 

Being so passionate about everything I do I tend to stay on the move and worry about sleep later. That definitely has its negative effects on your skin if you don’t take the much needed time to care for it. Over the year I’ve created a pretty healthy balance. I have combination skin so most of the products I use are hydrating and PH balancing. I usually start my mornings with my daily cleanser Alba Botanica “Hawaiian facial cleaner” pore purifying pineapple enzyme. On days I feel a breakout on the rise I’ll switch to Eminence “Clear skin probiotic” cleaner from Hungary. What most people might find hard to believe is that you actually shouldn’t wash your face every morning as it can strip natural oils so I skip some mornings, but I definitely wash my face every night as to cleanse off the day.

I absolutely love using my VP spin brush. It really does cleanse so much deeper, but it does not take the place of exfoliating which is my favorite part of skincare! I use Organic Skincare Doctor “Rose Otto” Face scrub 2-3 times a week. If I have time I’ll do the ultimate exfoliation... my “Claim to fame” for any skin emergency Apple cider vinegar and Aztec Bentonite Clay as a face mask leaves my skin feeling so smooth and clear. I’ll never forget being in NY for fashion week and one of my friends telling me to try it. I triple stock on those ingredients. It’s truly the perfect mask for me. Sometimes I add honey to for its antibacterial properties and skin elasticity. 

With hydration being such a big part of my skincare routine I of course have about 4 moisturizers and toners I use. My favorites however would be DICKINSON’s Enhanced Witch Hazel Hydrating Toner because it doesn’t dry out my skin like most toners. NIP + FAB Bee Sting Fix toning pads are life savers followed by NIP + FAB Kale Fix moisturizer will makes my skin feel like heaven. I also moisturizer with essentials oils (coconut, olive, lavender, almond oil, etc.) when I need a little boost and glow.

Sometimes I get creative and mix different products together and see what I like. My skincare routine was and still is truly trial and error. It’s like every time I have a signing engagement or photo shoot I watch the footage and think of different ways to improve my look. Of course makeup is used in a lot my public appearances, but if my skin isn’t clear I never truly feel it looks right."

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