Top 10 Swimwear Trends For 2019

When it comes to the swimwear game and my own way of foreseeing what we will do in our design studio, it can be a challenging yet very exciting way of thinking, creating and predicting. When being in a market that is next level HUGE, it can be really easy to get consumed by what others are doing that can just confuse the whole process.

When we first started Gerry Can Swim, we wanted to stay true to our core design principles; function, fit, signature modern 80’s and 90’s looks, and designing for the rough ocean swims. We are designing for the action girl who loves to look amazing while getting in those summer workouts.
2019 is here and so here are our revised go-to’s and predictions for the swimwear game that you should use as a guide when shopping for your next swimwear pieces.

1. Color

In 2018 we saw a lot of the ribbed lycra and the nude colorways. We also saw a re-emerging pattern of neutral colorways. The safe colors were and always will be a go-to for many shoppers. Now, in 2019, we see some more bold colors, some really impressive combinations of bright pastels and paired back color blocking which can complement every skin tone. When we first started our label, our BOND one piece was only available in black, navy and a light sky blue. Fast track a few years and our BOND is covering and growing over many years. Our latest range of the pastels and the 80’s brights are bestselling, allowing people to step it up in their beach side looks and to have a new color to complement their summer glows. My personal favorite now is the Tigers Eye Peach in our latest range. It is a beautiful combination of a pastel bright orange without being fluoro. I feel sometimes the neon colors can look awesome in catalogs or online, but the wearability can sometimes be a little scary. I love shining without being too bright in 2019.  

2. Fit

I think the whole swimwear industry goes through some moments of questionable fitting swimwear. At this point in time, I think less is more, I believe a beautiful shaped one piece or a flattering coverage bikini really goes a long way. Sometimes picking your correct true size and allowing the design and simplicity of the fit to work its magic will bring you with the confidence you are after! In saying that, a cheeky look here and there never hurt anyone, especially when working on those tan lines. I believe 2019 will be the year of beautifully fit pieces that can be worn all day long and not get in the way of enjoying those ocean swims. 

3. Unique + Wrap Around

As mentioned above, the fit is everything, but no two bodies are the same. In this case, I think it’s important that everyone has an opportunity to fit and wear the pieces in their own way. I know from personal experience that some bodies are harder to design for than others, and sometimes you could think your covering most bases, then you meet a new customer and the whole design process is in question. One of our signature looks is our Lilah wrap around one piece, its mechanism allows you to pull and wrap the piece to suit your body. This year we are designing another one piece of this nature… so stay tuned!

4. High Cut + Modest

High cut is always super flattering for girls who want to accentuate the length of their legs. You may have seen of more recent times; some swimwear is really taking on the whole high cut to another level. Our motto is always to have it hitched on the hips and nothing more. When its any higher it tends to look a little odd and can really make or break a swimwear design. Some bottoms were just simply meant to be high waisted and that’s that. Let’s keep things modest and beautiful in 2019. I think the over the top high waist will be done and dusted in 2019, and hopefully just refined. Here’s my favorite example of our girl Serena rocking our Farah one piece.

5. Deep Colors

As much as I have spoken about bright colors, some darker tones are always good for girls who want to add some color to their wardrobe without completely doing the whole bright thing. We are inspired by our favorite things at the moment (chocolate + wine) and so the darker tones are very on trend. I think in 2019 we will appropriate the rich colors of the Australian Dessert and deep and zesty colors to create a new vibe in some of our signature pieces… did we mention they make a tan look sensational?!

6. Velvet

Textured fabric started in the 90’s in the swimwear world, but here we are, 2019 is fixing and matching different textures in the same colorway to create a really unique look. I wore my favorite wine-colored velvet bikini top paired with lycra wine-colored swim bottoms on Jan 1, 2019 and I hope I end it that way because velvet = luxury and I’m all about life’s little luxuries! Don’t forget to check out our Instagram for more style ideas like this!

7. Paired Back & 8. Minimalist + Dainty

These go hand in hand, so here we are… As far as patterns go, I think the color blocking game is as strong as ever. I think all patterns will become more subtle and detail orientated, and the simple, basic colors will really shine through in 2019. I mean, look how perfect some simple designs and simple colors can look. Let your body do the talking! 

9. Timeless Metallics

2018 was the year of the flat matte lycras. In 2019 we are working with shimmery, glimmer metallic lycras that create depth and dimension to the colors we design and make! One of my favorites is this one piece

10. Seamless

Nothing worse than swimwear that rides up every time you take a step. The way that swimwear is made with a seamless look or a beautiful overlook will mean 2019 is the year of strong women working their stuff poolside and not worrying about what their swimwear is doing. Design is to improve, to evolve and to create. 2019 will be your year for wearing your favorite designs that are comfortable and fierce all at the same time. 

-written in collaboration with Stephanie Harmat, Founder of Gerry Can Active.

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